10 Japanese 前置き (Maeoki) to Sound Modest and Reserved

In Japanese, people often put 前置き (maeoki), “introductory/opening expressions” before stating their thoughts to sound modest and polite or to hedge the risk of criticism (i.e. to cover one’s ass). This post introduces various kinds of Japanese maeoki expressions you can use to sound like Japanese! つまらないものですが Yomi tsumaranai mono desu ga Meaning This is not much, but; This is just a little something, but Usage It literally means “(this is) not interesting”. It is often used when one gives a gift to someone in a very humble way. It is rather a traditional phrase and not commonly used by young people, but still often heard in Japanese anime and … Continue reading 10 Japanese 前置き (Maeoki) to Sound Modest and ReservedRead More