NOUN NOUN した (Duplication of Nouns in Japanese Slang)

Type slang Meaning very characteristic/typical of NOUN; (too) much of NOUN Additional Info Also “NOUN NOUN している”. It usually contains a negative meaning but not always. Due to the flexibility of the expression, it is not commonly listed in a dictionary and it’s even hard to google it. Another example of such expressions is ABCのAの字もない. Note that it’s very slang and some Japanese people (esp. old generations) may not understand it. Example 観光地観光地した場所はあまり好きじゃない I don’t quite like a typical touristy spot. チーズチーズしたピザが食べたい気分 I feel like having a quite cheesy pizza このパジャマはパジャマパジャマした感じがなく、今風でお洒落だ。 This pyjama doesn’t look like a stereotypical pyjama (that a dad would wear), and looks modern and fashionable. Related … Continue reading NOUN NOUN した (Duplication of Nouns in Japanese Slang)Read More