Japanese Katakana Word (Gairaigo) Converter/Generator

How to Use This tool automatically converts Japanese words into gairaigo (外来語, “loanwords”) written in katakana, and vice versa (e.g. 気さくな歌手 ↔ フレンドリーなシンガー).  For instance, try converting the following sentences with the “Nihongo to Gairaigo” and “Gairaigo to Nihongo” options, respectively: あの歌手は気さくで良い人だね。 クリスマスイブにコートを着たサラリーマンがチキンとグリーンティーフレーバーのスイーツを買っていた。 * This is rather a joke tool, but could be practical if you want to know what sort of loanwords are used in Japanese (in which case, you may also have a look at my blog posts on confusing loanwords and wasei-eigo).  (Technical Details) The conversion is based on an external large-scale dictionary (JMDict), assuring that most of the generated katakana words are actually used in Japanese … Continue reading Japanese Katakana Word (Gairaigo) Converter/GeneratorRead More